Class 10 English ইংৰাজী All Chapters Questions and Answers

 Class 10 English ইংৰাজী

1. A Later To God (G.L. Fuentes)

Dust Of Snow (Robert Frost)

Fire And Ice (Robert Frost)

2. Nelson Mandela: long Walk To Freedom (Nelson Rolihiahla Mandela)

A Tiger In The Zoo (Leslie Norries)

3. Two Stories About Flying

I. His First Flight (Liam O’ Forsyth)

II. The Black Aeroplane (Frederick Forsyth)

How to Tell Wild Animals (Carolyn Wells)

The Ball Poem (John BerryMan)

4. From The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne Frank)

Amanda! (Robin Klein)

5. The Hundred Dresses-I (El Bsor Ester)

6. The Hundred Dresses – II (El Bsor Ester)

Animals (Walt Whitman)

7. Glimpses of India

I. A Baker from Goa (Lucio Rodrigues)

II. Coorg (Lokesh Abrol)

III. Tea from Assam (Arup Kumar Dutta)

The Trees (Adrienne Rich)

8. Mijbil The Otter (Gavin Maxwell)

Fog (Garl Sandburg)

9. Madam Rides the Bus (Vallikkannan)

The Tale Of Custard The Dragon (Ogden Nash)

10. The Sermon at Benares

For Anne Gregory (William Butler Yeats)

11. The Proposal (Anton Chekov)

Class 10 SUPPLEMENTARY ENGLISH READER all chapter Question and Answer.

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