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Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games

Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games

 As the number of smartphone users growing day by day, the game developers are developing new games for the android phone users. There are countless numbers of games available in playstore. Now a days its hard to find a game for you which can addict you towards the game. Thats why I am here to help you to find out the best game for you. Check out more posts I have already published in this site. I generally test the apps at least for a week and then finally write a review for you. I install more than 20 apps at a time and use them daily to find out all their features.. Hope You will like my todays collection of best offline games for android 2020.

  1. Death Race ® - Killer Car Shooting Games
  2. CarX Highway Racing
  3. CarX Drift Racing
  4. Real Drift Car Racing Lite
  5. Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!

1.Death Race - Killer Car Shooting Games
Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

Have you ever heared about death race ? The game death race denotes that you have to race your car and while racing, you can fire to your enemies cars, similarly your enemies will fire on you. You have to survive the battle to win thw game. You can also crash you enemies cars by hitting their cars with your car. Defeat your enemies with twisted metal weapons attached in your car, exploits your opponents cars to own the game.

Features of Death Race(Best offline games)

  • Shoot while racing your car
  • Build new car models, upgrade your old cars , change car colour
  • Own the highest power of your car and guns .
  • Powerful weapons , powerful breakers
  • Awesome 3D graphics looks like a movie scene.


2.CarX Highway Racing
Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

CarX Highway Racing is designed and developed by Carx Technologies Pvt ltd company. The beat Highway Racing game for everyone. For low-end and high-end device. It is based on physics and looks like realistic vives. The game has a detailed graphics designed for the cars and the tracks. Discover new highway and race. There is unlimited highway to discover and you can't complete the game in a year also. The best part of the game is the realistic looks and the realistic cars sound it offers.

Change the colour of your car , power up or upgrade your car to next level experience.

Features of CarX Highway Racing:

  • Game is controlled by CarX engine
  • High power car models
  • Live traffic and relentless police
  • Various game modes to play


3. CarX Drift Racing
Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

This Car drifting game has more than 10 Million Download from google playstore worldwide. The most addictive Car drifting game I have ever played. The game has more than 30 High speed cars and these can be upgraded to next level . The game has a different hand brack button which can be used to drift the car perfectly . There is a smoke effect when the car drifts , that effect gives the game a realistic look.

Features of CarX Drift Racing:

  • Smoke animation
  • Powerful sports cars
  • Different surface to race
  • Live camera and replays of your gameplay
  • Replay can be saved and shared anywhere.
  • Win cups and earn coins
  • Can be played both online and offline
  • Original engine sound of every cars.
  • Turbo engine mode

4.Real Drift Car Racing Lite
Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

This game has over 20 millions Download from google playstore itself have a high amount of active users monthly. Easy control to play the game makes it very interesting for the players. You can perform innovative drift with your cars while racing. Race and perform drift to earn coins , the coins can be used to buy new cars and to upgrade your owned cars. This game is specifically optimized for intel 86bit processor. I like tha app for the one big reason is that the app doesn't shows ads . The highest you drift, the more points you will get , there are different pros to earn more coin , you have to find thwm out and earn more coins to buy new cars.

The game offers different control types, gyroscope or touch control. You can set whether Automatic or manual transmission.

Features of Real Drift Car Racing Lite:

  • Realistic drift racing game
  • Customize car body colour , modal , tyre design and many more
  • Capture photo of your drift and share
  • Different engine sound for every cars
  • Can be played both online and offline
  • Training track to improve drifting skills.
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5. Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!
Best Offline Games Android || Best Of Offline Games sara axom

 Torque Drift is a Car Racing Game , the main specialty of the game is of drifting your car like in real life. The graphics of the game is like realistic and its a very addictive game. You can aslo play the game online along with global players or with your friends also. You can fully customize your car .

Torque Drifts biggest update since launch! Drift and chat with your friends and host virtual drift meets on any track you choose in the new Open lobby feature. Access from the World Map!

Rank view in the profile menu

Player savable tune slots.

Open Lobbies are now here! Available from the world map.

GRIDLIFE Pikes Peak!

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